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Osage Super Warrior To Pocahontas Community Hospital

Twin Highly Infectious Disease Ambulances

Osage Super Warrior To Pocahontas Community Hospital

  • New Ambulance
  • Osage Super Warrior
  • Ford F-550
  • Type I
  • Blue, White
  • Pocahontas, Iowa
  • Pocahontas Community Hospital
  • Hollie Weckman

Twin Highly Infectious Disease Ambulances;

  • Lumalier UV Light installed in ceiling of the module with control switch in the cab
  • Aluminum Cabinets throughout the module, for easy disinfecting 
  • 360 Degree Camera System with ability to record, download, play back and share the recorded footage – live feed viewing monitor in the cab 
  • Patient Compartment Camera
  • Access between the cab and the module are completely closed off with an intercom to be used for communication between the two

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