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Emergency Vehicle Services

We have the experience and equipment to keep your vehicles running efficiently!

Services for Emergency Vehicles

What’s worse than having an vehicle that’s not reliable if it’s meant for emergencies? There’s NOTHING worse, and for this reason, North Central Emergency Vehicles has been servicing ambulances, fire apparatus, and other emergency vehicles for over 50 years. From mechanical maintenance and painting, to remounting and refurbishing, Quality of the repair is the number one priority because these are emergency vehicles used in extreme operating conditions, our customers cannot afford breakdowns. North Central Emergency Vehicles has the experience and equipment to keep your vehicles running efficiently so you can be confident it will run as expected when it really counts.

From your purchase date and beyond, North Central Emergency Vehicles can take care of any service needed – even chassis services. Although most emergency vehicle dealerships cannot do them, North Central Emergency Vehicles does provide chassis services in-house. We have 11 staff members dedicated to just the service side of the business and we follow all regulations necessary – FMVSS, NFPA, QVM, DOT, KKK-A-1822F, etc. – to make sure your vehicle is always running smoothly and up to code. Also, the emergency vehicles we work on are given a priority in our service bays, so turn around is important to us as well and only secondary to providing quality service work.


Hours of operation are M-F 7 am – 5 pm, but we also have a 24 hour emergency contact number at 612-209-8897.


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North Central Emergency Vehicles is your premier emergency vehicle dealer for the Midwest.

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