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IMPACT Airbag System with RollTek™ Technology by Braun Ambulance

Delivering occupant protection with IMPACT

As an authorized Braun Ambulance dealer, North Central Emergency Vehicles is dedicated to bringing industry-leading safety systems to our customers. Together with Braun, we are introducing the new IMPACT Airbag System with RollTek™ technology. Short for Interior Module Protection and Collision Technology, the IMPACT Airbag System is an option focused on enhancing occupant protection in every seating position in the module.

How does the IMPACT Airbag System Work?

While airbags and padding add significant protection to the module in the event of a side impact induced rollover, a big part of staying safe inside an ambulance is using a seat belt. Just like riding in a car, the importance of staying belted cannot be stressed enough. The IMPACT Airbag System is only effective when occupants are safely belted into their seats. 


Existing seating restraint systems in Braun ambulances already exceed industry requirements for frontal, side, and rear impacts, but the IMPACT Airbag system takes that one step further. This innovative safety feature is available on select Braun models, and the system contains three critical components:

  • Strategically placed airbags using IMMI’s RollTek™ technology.
  • Advanced seating restraints at CPR, head, fore, and aft bench seat.
  • Progressive resistance padding (foam) at head strike points.

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Why Braun?

For decades, Braun Ambulances has been on the leading edge of ambulance safety, and their vehicles are “Built for Life,” focusing on occupant protection for the crews, the patient, and passengers.

Braun Has a Long-standing Commitment to Safety

Building on the foundation of SolidBody™ Construction, Braun has been focused on enhancing the safety of their ambulances since accepting their first order in 1972. Dedicated to developing cutting-edge innovations and driving industry standards, Braun has used testing throughout the years to validate their commitment to safety. In 2008, Braun surpassed by 300% the industry standard for roof and side load testing. Then, in 2016, they made history by conducting the industry’s first ambulance rollover crash test. Shortly thereafter, they took one ambulance first through a side-impact crash test and then a rollover test, seeking to replicate a real-world accident scenario. Today, Braun remains the only ambulance manufacturer to hit and roll the same ambulance module in testing. 

RollTek Safety Feature

RollTek™ is a well-known name in airbag safety for fire apparatus and commercial trucks, and was developed by IMMI and tested through Cape.  RollTek™ was custom engineered as an option for Braun ambulance models and it works in the blink of an eye to reduce the potential for serious injury or death in the event of a side impact collision rollover.

The system includes a sensor that detects an unrecoverable rollover in a fraction of a second. In addition, two different types of airbags are deployed. An inflatable head curtain protects attendants from the inhalation area cabinet and the rear compartment (aft squad bench). Tubular structure airbags are used by the attendant, CPR, and fore squad bench positions for additional head, neck, and upper body protection.

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North Central Emergency Vehicles is your premier emergency vehicle dealer & service provider for the Midwest.

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