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Spartan ERV Rapid CAFS

Compressed Air Foam Systems

Spartan ERV offers a state-of-the-art solution to the historically-challenging task of modulating the air compression, water, and fire-suppressing foam while on the scene. Spartan ERV has now simplified this process with its Rapid CAFS system and its One-Touch CAFS system, which helps reduce the time required for manual configuration of CAFS products required for most fire-fighting operations.

Do you want to learn more about the Spartan ERV Rapid CAFS? Check out the Spartan ERV Rapid CAFS brochure, call us to talk to one of our ambulance specialists, or request more information using our Fire Apparatus Contact Form!
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One-Touch RAPID CAFS Allows You to Focus More on the Scene!

The Spartan ERV Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) are capable of generating air-flows from 140 to 250 cubic feet per minute in PTO-driven configurations, where engine-driven configurations are capable or air capacities of 135 cubic feet per minute, all while generating 185 GPM of water flow. Both configurations are capable of producing both Class A and Class B compressed air foam depending on the particular use of the foam system.

Spartan ERV’s Rapid CAFS system gives fire fighters more control by allowing them to administrator either wet or dry product through a simple CAFS toggle switch. State-of-the-art electronics built into the system allow fire fighters to focus more of their time on the scene and less of their time on their manual calculations.

Spartan ERV’s One-Touch Rapid CAFS system greatly simplifies the regulation of wet and dry CAFS products by allowing fire fighters to automatically actuate the injection of foam and air with a simple One-Touch operation that requires only one additional step in the pump-engaging process. The One-Touch Rapid CAFS system by Spartan ERV helps provide firefighters with the time they need to help save lives!

To learn more about the Spartan ERV line of Pumpers, call us today to talk to one of our Spartan ERV Apparatus specialists or request more information using our Fire Apparatus Form!

Model Details - Spartan ERV Rapid CAFS

Operates from further distances
Better performance, less fatigue
Better fuel coverage and exposure protection, faster and visibility of knock down
Less operational cost
Effective prevention

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