IPS Pumpers

Spartan ERV IPS Pumpers

Innovative Solutions that Reset the Standard

The Spartan ERV IPS Pumper resets the standards for equipment carrying capacity, pump operation safety, maneuverability within tight spaces, and apparatus versatility. The Spartan ERV team of engineers has developed one-of-a-kind solutions for fire departments requiring multifunctional pumpers. Spartan ERV remains an industry leader for its experienced design, unique packaging, and unequaled knowledge of pump design, power take-off, and water flow. Their commitment to innovation results in a superior line of pumpers that meets and exceeds all other available today!.

Do you want to learn more about the Spartan ERV Pumper? Check out the Spartan ERV Star Series Pumper brochure, call us to talk to one of our ambulance specialists, or request more information using our Fire Apparatus Contact Form!
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Proprietary Solutions for Multi-Functional Pumpers

The Spartan ERV IPS Pumper is built with storage, safety, maneuverability, and versatility in mind. Based on the Spartan Star Series chassis, the IPS Pumper boasts superior tubular construction and feature-rich innovation. In addition, its experience-based pump design provides operators with a safer, more effective, ergonomically-improved solution to help fire fighters do what they do best!

The Spartan ERV resets the standard by offering one-of-a-kind features in its line of IPS Pumpers. Its improved pump design comes color-coded to help maximize organization and increased operator effectiveness. In addition, a low cross lay height allows for easy deployment and loading of the pumper. Spartan ERV also provides the IPS Pumper with the ability to pump and roll on select chassis options.

The Spartan ERV IPS Pumper provides fire departments with a one-of-a-kind solution that is solid, reliable, and proven – giving you maximum functionality and efficiency with versatility in mind!

To learn more about the Spartan ERV line of Pumpers, call us today to talk to one of our Spartan ERV Apparatus specialists or request more information using our Fire Apparatus Form!

Model Details - Spartan ERV IPS Pumpers


Body Construction

Pump & PTO - 7 years standard
"Space Frame" Tubular Construction
Stainless Steel Body - 20 years standard
Full depth side compartment: 1,000 lbs standard
Aluminum Body - 10 years
Half depth side compartment: 750 lbs standard
Stainless Steel Plumbing - 10 years standard
Rear center compartment: 1,500 lbs standard

3rd Party testing - Finite Element Analysis

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