Spartan ERV Boomers

Versatile and Cost-Effective

The Spartan ERV line of Boomers is industry-known as not only a new vehicle, but an entirely new category of fire-rescue devices! The Spartan ERV Boomer™ is a fist-of-its-kind crossover product designed to provide the most cost-effective and operationally-sound solution that combines five separate emergency-rescue functions into one well-equipped device that is far more versatile and compact than other traditional equipment solutions.

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The Five Functions of the Spartan ERV Boomer™

The Spartan ERV line of Boomers not only provides the most durable, cost-effective solution to your fire-rescue needs, but also attends to the five most important functions required during a fire rescue emergency.

Elevation – The Spartan ERV “boom” gives you 28 feet of reach into the most dire situations where firefighting tools are needed the most.

Water Discharge – The Spartan ERV “boom” is capable of propelling a 28-foot stream that can be rotated a full 360 degrees and elevated from -10 degrees to +90 degrees for maximum fire-fighting ability.

Less Than 300 Parts – The Spartan ERV Boomer houses an elevated waterway that has less than 300 moving parts. Many other devices on the market have more than 1,800 parts creating an increased risk of wear-and-tear and maintenance down-time and repair-related costs.

Electrical – The Spartan ERV “boom” includes a 6,000 watt adjustable light tower that directs powerful illumination where it is needed most!

Hydraulics and Lift – High-pressure hydraulic rescue tools provide all the required functions for even the worst motor-vehicle accident while the “boom” is designed to lift up to 1,000 pounds.

To learn more about the Spartan ERV line of Boomers, call us today to talk to one of our Spartan ERV Apparatus specialists or request more information using our Fire Apparatus Form!

Model Details - Spartan ERV Boomers

Less Than 300 Parts (industry average is 1,800)
        Less maintenance
        Less down time
6,000 Watt Light Tower
28' Master Steam
        360 degree rotation
        -10 to 90 degree elevation
 High Pressure Connections For Rescue Tools
1,000 Pound Lifting Capabilities
1,000 Gallon Per Minute Monitor
        2 additional hand line discharges

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North Central Emergency Vehicles is a Spartan ERV Fire Apparatus dealer for Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota. For more information on purchasing a new Spartan ERV Fire Apparatus from us, contact us today.


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