Spartan ERV Aerials

Performance, Innovation, and Value

Each apparatus within the Spartan ERV line of Aerials is an integral network of custom-designed elements combined into one specific multifunctional vehicle. The experienced team of engineers at Spartan ERV values their customers’ innovative ideas and turn them into new equipment features that help them accomplish their jobs in a more practical way.

Spartan ERV offers three distinct lines of Aerials that are sure to give you the tools you need to get the job done!

The Aerial Ladder Series by Spartan ERV provides more value with SMART performance and features such as its grease-less ladder section, which requires less service down-time and smoother operational performance. Spartan ERV not only measures its Aerial Ladder Series value by lowest cost, but also by its exceptional performance, versatility, and dependability.

The Aerial Platform Series  by Spartan ERV continues to provide more value to your department through features such as its Stokes Basket brackets and moveable, sliding aerial controls, which provide maximum standing room and operational view.
The Articulating Platform Series by Spartan ERV sets a new global standard for aerial performance and all calls capability. The Spartan TelStar offers several industry-leading features, such as the 138-foot telescopic, articulated platform with an “Up, Over, and Down” range of motion allowing for safe and effective rescues even in the most difficult situations.
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Affordable, Functional, and Practical

The Spartan ERV line of Aerials includes three distinct series, each built with performance and value in mind and with the Spartan ERV commitment to innovation up front and center. Spartan ERV values customer collaboration and commits to turning its customers’ innovative ideas into one-of-a-kind features that improve fire fighting in more practical ways.

The Spartan ERV line of Aerials is designed by tradition, but improved with innovation. The Spartan ERV line of Aerials offer innovative features such as unrivaled leveling capabilities, dual-swing drives, cab and body collision avoidance detection, and automatic aerial stow capabilities.

Spartan ERV’s Aerial Ladders feature improvements that not only reduce down-time, but also improve operational performance. The Aerial Ladder’s grease-less ladder section provides departments with superior functionality and safety, all while keeping operational costs in mind.

Similar to the Aerial Ladders, the Spartan ERV Aerial Platforms contain improvements that greatly improve operational performance. The platforms feature Stokes Basket bracket and moveable, sliding aerial controls that allow for greater standing room and operational view. The rescue tie-off and standing platform located outside the basket provides needed functionality while keeping safety a priority.

The Spartan ERV TelStar Articulating Platform boasts a wide-range of enhanced features that makes this apparatus a true “All-Response” vehicle. It features a 138-foot telescopic, articulated aerial platform with an “Up, Over, Down” range of motion, which allows for safe and effective rescues even in the most difficult situations. The Jib Boom extends the TelStar’s reach and rescue versatility.

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Model & Specification Details - Spartan ERV Aerials

75' Rearmount Aerial 
75' Mid Mount Platform
Gimaex 138' boom
103' Rearmount Aerial
93' Mid Mount Platform
Aerial device consists of 6 sections
100' Tractor-Drawn Aerial
100' Mid Mount Platform
Pivoting platform (50 degrees either direction)

OAL 41'-6"

OAH 12'-4"

240" Wheelbase


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