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The Responder is the premier rescue vehicle in the Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc. rescue vehicle line. It offers custom solutions built to maximize response times. This vehicle comes fully-featured, fully-customizable, and value-packed! The Responder by Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc. gives customers the best in customization with literally thousands of currently available options sure to provide an end-result that meets even the most specific of requirements. Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc declares, “Nothing is out of Bounds!”

The Performer line of rescue vehicle models by CMB comes in three distinct model lines:

  • Walk-Around Configuration
  • Walk-In Configuration
  • Combination Configuration

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Fully Featured, Fully Customizable, and Value-Packed!

The Responder line of rescue vehicles manufactured by Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc. is built with quality features, customizable options, and value in mind. The Responder line of vehicles comes in three distinct model lines each designed to maximize functionality and value.

The Responder Rescue Vehicle’s Walk-Around body configuration in is the most widely chosen rescue vehicle for modern rescue operations – and for very good reason. The Responder offers massive amounts of storage, triple threat capacity utilizing pumps, tanks, foam, CAFS , as well as integrated hydraulic, air, and electrical systems. This is fully customizable and suitable for rescue or triple threat operations.

The Responder Rescue Vehicle’s Walk-In body configuration is best suited for use by organizations that require substantial personnel transportation capacity, small command centers, roomy rehab or triage areas, gear changing/storage areas, and other specialized functional areas.

The Responder Rescue Vehicle’s Combination body configuration provides the best of both the Walk-Around body configurations and the Walk-In body configurations; the massive storage capacity of the Walk-Around rescue vehicle and the ultimate functionality of the Walk-In rescue vehicle. The Combination configuration combines both units into one vehicle designed to maximize emergency response times and support its first responder’s efficiency.

With so many options, it is easy to see why Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc. can claim, “We Make a Difference Every Day!”

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