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Maintainer Rescue Vehicles - Quick Attack

All-Aluminum "Quick Attack" Bodies

The Quick Attack rescue vehicle by Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc. is engineered with quality and durability in mind. Every Quick Attack rescue vehicle features both a 10’6” All-Aluminum MCB custom-manufactured “Flatbed” platform, along with a full-aluminum “Quick Attack” body. The Quick Attack rescue vehicle features all the required pumps, foam and lighting systems required to provide safe and effective fire and emergency rescue services.


  • 10’6” Aluminum MCB flat bed body
  • Waterous PB-2525 Pump
  • 300 Gallons Water – Dual 5 gallon foam cells
  • Scotty foam system
  • Whelan emergency lighting system

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Standards and Options

The Quick Attack rescue vehicle by Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc. provides an effective means for fire and rescue operations. Its 10’6” all-aluminum body allows for a lightweight, durable design that allows it to remain functional even under extreme circumstances. It includes a standard Waterous PB-2525 Pump and a Scotty foam system with a 300 Gallons Water tank, coupled with dual 5-gallon foam cells for maximum fire-fighting capability. While not in active fire-fighting mode, the Quick Attack’s Whelan emergency lighting system keeps operators and the public safe on the road.

In addition to its standard features, Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc provides several options on its Quick Attack rescue vehicle. Customers can select from several different chassis and body types, along with varying fire fighting tool and other optional equipment, such as optional generators, lights, super single tires, heavy-duty brush guards, winches, and many more - making it a custom solution for any given purpose.

The Quick Attack rescue vehicle also provides customers with the option to add an optional Class-A foam system, or a full-blown CAFS system to maximize their unit’s fire-fighting capabilities.

To learn more about the Quick Attack Rescue Vehicle from Maintainer Custom Bodies, Inc, call us today to talk to one of our Maintainer rescue vehicle specialists or request more information using our Rescue Contact Form!

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