Braun Patriot

The Cross-Over Vehicle

The Patriot ambulance model by Braun Industries is a versatile apparatus that truly has it all. The Patriot is ideal for smaller, volunteer fire departments that do not have the work force or staff to operate several different emergency vehicles. Fortunately, for these departments, the Patriot can serve as an ambulance, a rescue vehicle, or a fire truck.

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Ambulance, Rescue Truck & Fire Apparatus… All in One!

The Patriot model was designed with the smaller departments of the EMS industry in mind. It is engineered to respond to more than 95% of all emergency calls. This particular unit covers most EMS-related, light-rescue, or light-suppression dispatches required. The Patriot ambulance model by Braun Industries features a body built from high quality materials, allowing EMS crews to provide safe and reliable medical transportation to their patients. The Patriot’s many compartments help hold the necessary emergency medical equipment and supplies needed to aid in rescue. Its capacity to carry water also allows this vehicle to operate as a fire truck for your service.

For departments needing an emergency vehicles for many uses, the Braun Patriot emergency vehicle acts as an ambulance, rescue truck, and fire apparatus all in one!

The Braun Patriot ambulance model is is a Type-I medium-duty ambulance and available on a Spartan Furion chassis. It highlights the same standard features that Braun includes in all its ambulance models, such as SolidBody™ Construction, angled fluorescent lighting, Braun's EZ Glide™ Doors, and MasterTech IV™ touch button systems that are "Built for Life". In addition to its Braun-quality features, it also boasts 73 inches of interior headroom and enough room for up to six crew members and all the emergency medical equipment needed to respond to even the most critical emergency calls.

In addition to its ambulance features, the Braun Patriot can also carry up to 200 gallons of water, providing it with maximum fire fighting abilities. It also contains a compressed air foam system (CAFS), which holds and dispenses up to 15 gallons of fire-retarding foam. The Patriot also comes equipped with two, 1-inch booster reels on each side of its module.

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Quick Glance - Standard Specifications

2013 Spartan
Wheel Base 185
Overall Length 374.25
Overall Width 98
Overall Height 118.5
Module Length - Equipment 48
Module Length - Patient 170
**Module Width **96
Module Head Room 73
Drawings Download
Specifications Coming Soon!

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